Transplant seedlings outdoors after the last threat of frost.  For us in south-central Indiana this means early-mid May.  These are bare-root transplants.  The plant will root from each node on the stem, so the basic idea is to bury the stems and just leave a bit of the stem and leaves above ground.   While not pictured here, once transplanted I now lay drip tape over the seedlings.  The tape eventually gets buried as the plants grow and soil is mounded up around their stems to promote more rooting and to keep weeds down.

Seedlings ready for transplanting.

When the seedlings are about 6″-8″ tall they are pulled from the ground at the base in small clumps…

…and gathered into bunches.

Seedling Bundle

The seedlings are bundled for easily handling in the field when transplanting.

Watering Bundles

The seedling bundles are dunked in water so the roots remain wet while transporting to the field and transplanting.

The bundled seedlings are put in a container for transporting to the field for transplanting.

Furrowed rows.

The rows are marked about 32″ apart and furrowed in preparation for transplanting.

The roots are set in the bottom of the furrow and all the plants laid on one side. Approximately 5-6 seedlings are planted per bunch.

The noded stems are covered with soil so they can root easily.


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